Thursday, December 22, 2011

Add more years to your life!

I saw a sales meeting about a year ago that I presented again in my own office. The manager that originally ran the meeting read the information in a magazine.
It was how to extend your life by about 10 years. Obviously a title that catches your attention. To sum it up, these were the points:

Think positive: Potential Longevity Gain: 10 years
Quit Smoking: Potential Longevity Gain: 10 years
Diet/Manage Your Weight: Potential Longevity Gain: 6 to 7 years
Reduce Stress/Lower Blood Pressure: Potential Longevity Gain: 5 years
Exercise: Potential Longevity Gain: 1.3 to 3.7 years

I found it extremely interesting that thinking positive alone can increase your life by 10 years. That would most likely reduce stress in return, which would increase your life by another 5 years. So that's 15 extra YEARS of your life that you get for being more positive and relaxed! Seems like two great things to me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We always like to say "it's not a sprint, it's a marathon". Too many people in this business, or any business in general, are in too much of a rush. They try to compare instead of compete. They try to let time hold back their goals.
When you're running long distances, there's always a point when you contemplate stopping. You might be tried. You might be sore. You might just not feel like going on. The people that can overcome this point are the ones that can be successful. Just like you need to train your mind with running, you need to train your focus with life.
A couple things to keep in mind is
1) the only thing stopping you is you!
2) obstacles are mental, which means they're not real.
3) control your focus and you control your future.
4) when you slow down, everyone else speeds up!

If you don't succeed in your goals, I believe you are responsible for that. There's always a plan b and there's always a way to turn an uncontrollable into an controllable. It's all about how you see things. If P Diddy can finish a marathon, we all can! No offense to P Diddy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How I made my millions

I saw a show the other night called "how I made my millions". I thought it was pretty interesting. It's basically a show with stories from different millionaires and how they got rich. I noticed a lot of the stories had to do with entrepreneurs.
One I appreciated the most was about Rocky Patel. He was a guy who had a passion that no one else saw. His own family did not approve of his dream. He wanted to own his own cigar company. The lack of support not only didn't phase him, but it pushed him even more.
He spent all of his money and savings on creating his own cigar. Eventually, he partnered up with a factory in Honduras.
My favorite part of the story is how he got his company going. He did direct sales and marketing. Rocky literally went business to business to meet with cigar shop owners and promote his product. He knew face to face was the best way to get to know his customers on a personal level. He reached out in a way that no other company would try. His family still thought he was crazy.
Now Rocky Patel is a millionaire and one of the few people in this world to have a cigar named after him. His hard work and determination paid off. I thought it was very inspirational.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Positive Attitude!

At LTG, we really believe that one of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur is a positive attitude. Sure, work ethic and integrity are imperative, but if one loses their attitude, they lose their chance of success. We ran a meeting based off this article, actually found in Entrepreneur Magazine (November issue). Our reps really appreciated it.

"It's no secret that starting a business from scratch is no easy task. Entrepreneurs often experience stress far beyond the pressures of a typical 9-to-5-type job. But by learning to work positively, you can redefine your personal reality, as well as your business.Here's a sampling of some of the best responses we received:
Lovelda Smith: Great music and surrounding myself by positive, inspirational people.
John Mediger: Hope, love, family, friends.
Joel Porras: By having a great sense of humor!
Richard Aghama Okundia: Remember, as a man thinks in his heart so he is; my innate, emotional Intelligence is what keeps my trail blazing.
Sean Paul McCloskey: Gratitude. I appreciate the fact that every day I get to blaze my own trail in the hopes that it will inspire others to blaze their own.
Kartla Nakpil Chin: I remind myself that positivity is a choice I always have.
David Hall: Live life like it's always the weekend. You are doing something you enjoy, remember!
Andrea Rattray Cunningham: By positive affirmations moment by moment.
Catherine Marie Stillwell: Stay far away from the Debbie Downers or Negative Nancys. I try to find those who are always positive. Like my husband.
Sara M Russell: Gratitude. I appreciate the life I have, the work I do, and the people I have the pleasure of doing it with."

Hope it helps in not only your business life, but your everyday life as well!