Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exciting News for Higher Education in Westchester County

If you decide to take the path of higher education it can be a struggle. Fresh out of high school you may not know exactly what you want which is very normal. It could become an issue when you enter a college and then transfer to another college. We have heard some transfer nightmares that can add up to an additional year of classes to receive a degree. The partnership between WCC and The CNR is providing a great opportunity for local students to pursue their dreams. Check out their press release below for more details!

The College of New Rochelle Signs Articulation Agreement with Westchester Community College,  Addresses National Call to Action Seeking  to Expand Access to Higher Education

Four-Year Degree Becomes More Attainable and Affordable  for Local Residents Through Enhanced Transfer Process, Scholarships

VALHALLA, N.Y. (March 30, 2016) – The College of New Rochelle (CNR) and Westchester Community College (WCC) today signed an articulation agreement that formally enhances the transfer process for eligible WCC students into CNR with advanced standing. The agreement, which will strengthen higher education in Westchester County, will begin in fall 2016.

The agreement will provide transferring full-time students who have successfully graduated from WCC and meet eligibility requirements with an annual scholarship equal to $10,000, to be credited against CNR’s standard full-time tuition. This financial benefit will be known as The College of New Rochelle/Westchester Community College Transfer Pathways Scholarship.

This collaboration by two longtime Westchester institutions is designed to provide students with a solid education and access to the real-world experience critically needed upon graduation. It also addresses a national call to action by President Obama seeking to broaden access to higher education, in part by fostering stronger relationships among community colleges and four-year colleges and universities.
The agreement, as presently constituted, applies to students transferring to CNR’s School of Arts & Sciences, which recently became coeducational. CNR and WCC are working to develop similar pathways for nursing and health care programs to address critical workforce needs in Westchester County and the health care professions.
“By partnering with Westchester Community College, The College of New Rochelle seeks to address a national, state, and regional issue that is challenging everyone: diversity, equity, and access to higher education,” said Judith Huntington, President, The College of New Rochelle. “This articulation strengthens both institutions but, more importantly, it empowers the students and families we serve and supports the economy of Westchester County.”

One particularly unique aspect of the agreement is that the colleges will also work together on a reverse transfer process, ensuring that all WCC students who transfer to CNR’s School of Arts & Sciences also earn an associate degree from WCC. Even if students transfer to CNR before completing their coursework at WCC, through this uncommon but especially important collaboration, academic credits for applicable coursework completed at CNR will be transferred back to WCC.

CNR will grant junior standing and accept a minimum of 60 credits for students transferring from WCC into the School of Arts & Sciences. Credits that do not count toward a student’s major will count as elective credits toward a four-year degree. Additionally, one student each year who transfers from WCC to CNR’s School of Arts & Sciences will receive a full-tuition scholarship. Eligible students, to be nominated by WCC, must have completed their associate degree and earned a GPA of 3.5 or better.

“This partnership will help our graduates achieve a seamless transfer to The College of New Rochelle,” said Dr. Belinda S. Miles, President, Westchester Community College. “This is an important agreement that focuses on student success. We are always pleased to build new bridges toward four-year institutions and to assist our students in moving on toward advanced degrees.”

The articulation agreement and scholarship program respond to student and industry needs, by offsetting the rising cost of obtaining a four-year degree and bridging the gap between academic and employer expectations. Addressing the kind of change needed in higher education, the agreement is a concrete response to the often prohibitive cost young people face to obtain a four-year degree, as well as industry concerns that college students nationwide are not graduating with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.

This initiative is yet another example of CNR’s longstanding dedication for 112 years to innovation and lifelong learning and to responding to the current needs of society. Since its founding by the Ursuline Order in 1904, CNR has been committed to providing its students with a rigorous education that effectively positions them to succeed professionally.

WCC graduates interested in enrolling in CNR’s School of Arts & Sciences for the fall semester may apply at any time. Transfer applications for the 2016-17 academic year will be accepted through the summer.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Is Social Media Ruining Your View of Reality?

I recently read an article about a woman who ruined her own vacation by using Instagram. Yea, sounds extreme. What she meant was that while posting pictures she was thinking of the "better" vacations that her friends had been posting and felt inadequate. 

Keeping up with the Jones' has filtered into all areas of our lives thanks to social media.What other areas of your life do you find yourself trying to compete with others in? Is everyone really that happy and living such amazing lives? The answer is most likely no. Would you ever post a picture of your termination letter or devastating news of a sick family member? We get to choose what others get to see on social media. No one has a perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect partner and the most fun social circle.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE social media, hell its my job! It is a amazing way to communicate in a technology focused era but it is good to keep reality in perspective. Don't think you life pales in comparison to others because there is someone out there who thinks you life is better than theirs. Challenge yourself to have a night out every now and then without documenting anything. You'lll be surprised how invigorating is it to just enjoy yourself without worrying about taking the perfect selfie or the funniest snapchat. Be present, have fun, and keep it real.