Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smokey Bones is Smokin' Fun!

Smokey Bones has slowly become a regular spot for our office. Besides the fact that their food is delicious, they always have something going on! We first started going to Smokey Bones for their Trivia Nights on Thursdays. Come to find they have Pong Tournaments and soon to be Bingo (for those who are geriatric at heart, which would be a handful of the LTG crew). Each event has either a gift card or cold hard cash for the winner.

Our office attended the Pong Tournament last night (which we swept it by the way) and had such an awesome time. The bartenders were super friendly and the GM even introduced himself to us. We highly recommend having an experience at their Syracuse location!

No, Smokey Bones has not paid us to write this.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goodbye Summer 2013

The summer is coming to end, which means all of our interns are headed back to school. It was amazing to see the growth of each individual after such a short amount of time. Here are a few testimonials:

"My summer at LTG Marketing and Development was more than I ever could have asked for out of an internship. I received more experience and was able to earn more money than any other internship I’ve ever looked in to. Coming in, thinking it was just a sales job, I quickly found out that was not the case. This job not only teaches you sales skills that will be helpful with any occupation that you do, it also teaches you how to teach, train and develop others. No other internship that I know of allows you the chance to interview potential employees, go on business trips, and also participate in fun games and activities in the office. LTG was also one of the most fun places I ever got the chance to work at. Everyone is young and filled with new ideas, hardworking, and most of all, helpful with everyone who has questions. Even though sales are an individual task, since my days of playing football, I have never felt more apart of a team than I have at LTG. The overall energy, structure, and positive attitude in the office will help allow any self-motivated person to succeed in this business. The skills I've learned here will be carried with me to every occupation I have in the future. Coming in with no sales or marketing experience, and leaving with a bunch of money and a top intern plaque, I think I’m a good example of what LTG can do, not only for a college student, but also for anyone with a student mentality, and is motivated for something better. " - Dave Chini

"My summer interning at LTG was the greatest summer of my life. The professional training I received at LTG not only developed my business skills, but my personal skills as well. Going to "work" everyday was fun! The office atmosphere is young, energetic and everyone is very friendly! I came out of the internship a much better man, more confident, driven, personable, and goal oriented.

This is not just an internship, it is a professional experience that will guide you to new personal heights in as little as 3 months. On top of it all, there is some serious potential to make a lot of money! Just stay determined and always keep the "long term goal" in mind and you can do anything!" - Tom Bennett