Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Winning the Most Improved Award

It was really a humbling moment to win the Most Improved Award at the most recent Conference. It had been my goal for the whole year. I joked with my office and said that winning the "Most Improved Award" usually means you were really bad at some point. To go from where we were to one of the top offices in the nation says a lot. But it doesn't say as much about me as it says about my team. My team is awesome. I think if someone didn't have the best attitude they wouldn't fit in. That just shows in our numbers. We've been number one in the country many times this year, promoted an Assistant Manager, and will soon be promoting her into management. We'll be expanding to an available location in a few months, and again within the next year.
I ran a meeting with my office about how I believe that I earned this award. I said it was all about being in your zone. You have to be relentless. You have to act as if there's someone working full time to take your goal away from you. You have to be mad that you didn't get it last year. Really believing you can do it is huge. If somebody doesn't actually believe they can do it, they never will.