Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrating a Successful Year

My team members are usually heard saying phrases like "work hard play hard". And "have fun make money". It's nice to see these come into play. 
This year, we had a lot of accomplishments. The most recent being promoting another managing partner and expanding to White Plains, NY. I think it's finally time for our annual management vacation. 
We like to treat the management team annually to a vacation where they can unwind and celebrate their victories. We've done this everywhere from Puerto Rico to Arizona, and this year, we're doing the Carribean. Stay tuned for pictures on all our social media. 
As if this trip wasn't good enough, I was also personally invited to an entrepreneur training conference for young up and coming business owners. It actually takes place the same week as our vacation. There's nothing like filling up my notebook with new information and then celebrating with my team! 

Here's a few pictures from our last few annual management vacations. 

Venice Beach, California 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Scottsdale, Arizona