Thursday, February 6, 2014

Set Goals for Your Life!

One of the groups we belong to on LinkedIn is the Leadership Think Tank. Here is an awesome email we received from them right after the holidays. 

  • Group: Leadership Think Tank
  • Subject: Notification from Olivier Madel
January 2014 comes to an end this Friday. What were your top New Year's Resolutions and how are you doing so far? Be sure to set goals for your life, share them with others, & create a solid support system for greater success!

I speak with lots of people everyday about how the can meet their goals in life. And I came to the conclusion, that, we all share 4 primary goals in life and they are as follows:

1. The first is to be healthy, enjoy high energy, and live a long life.

2. Second, everyone wants to have good relationships with people they love and care about and who love and care about them.

3. Third, everyone wants to do work that they find interesting and challenging and that pays very well.

4. Fourth common goal of humanity is to achieve financial independence, to reach the point where you have enough money so that you never have to worry about money again.

The best news is that it is more possible for you to achieve these four goals, at a higher level, faster, by starting and building your own successful business than in virtually any other way.

When you start and build your own successful business, you take complete control of your life. You become the master of your own destiny. You remove all limits to what you can do, have, and be in life. By building a successful business, you open up a world of opportunities and possibilities that the majority of people can only dream about.

And that's the chose I made 4 years ago. I started my own business, and I have the honor everyday to tell my story, share my knowledge and help other people enhance their quality of life.

Up until now, I was really reluctant to share what I do here with you guys. This morning I wake up feeling that this was not right, this could only mean that :

“I don’t believe in me.”
“I don’t believe in my opportunity.”
“I don’t believe in my product.”
“I’m too ashamed to talk to you.”
“I don’t think this opportunity is a good deal for others.”
“I’m worried about what you will think of me.”
“I’m afraid that you will not join and that I’ll feel rejected.”
“What if I fail? I wouldn’t want my friends and family to know that I even tried.”

And all of that is just not looking like me. Right now, my first obligation is simply to let you know that I have started my own business. My job is not to sell my products or to convince you to join. I'm here to educate you with the facts so that you can make the best choice for yourselves. That’s it. I'm an Herbalife Health Coach and Network Marketer, this is not high-pressure selling, convincing, manipulating, cold-calling, or a coercing business. Networking is simply giving people an additional choice in their lives, and allowing them to accept that choice if it helps them get what they want. That’s my job – educating people. That’s what I do as networker.

I take Herbalife nutrition products, I eat healthy balanced meals, I train, I do personal development every single day so I maintain a positive mental attitude about myself, others and life, I make money doing what I would do for absolutely free which is help people enhance their quality of life. I am clear that some want it and some don't.. My mission is to just simply share the opportunity to beast this beautiful life with me whether you want health results, or make some extra income helping your friends and family along with your self get health results. This life is for everybody who wants it and are serious so if you’re looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, need more energy or need a lifestyle change contact me so I can explain you what this is all about.

Remember this is a notification. Not a call to action. Since I know we're all reactive people, I expect any kind of reaction to me.

Have a great day,