Friday, March 30, 2012

The Vending Machine

I attended a conference of CEOs and Consultants earlier in the month and found it very motivating. The speakers shared a lot of their knowledge and explained what attributed to their success. One of my favorite was probably also the most simple; Comparing work ethic to a vending machine.

When you want to buy a soda from a vending machine, it usually costs $1.00. Sometimes even more, which I don't understand! Regardless, if you put in 50 cents, you don't receive half a pint of soda. If you put in 99 cents, a cup doesn't pop down with 99% of the soda in it. In order to get what you want, you need to put in the whole dollar.

Putting in half the work, or even most of the work, doesn't get you anything. You can put in half the work at first, but you're only delaying the time for you to get your ultimate goal. You won't get your reward with anything less than 100%! For me, being an entrepreneur was my soda. This is a business where it's not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to put in that whole dollar to get what they want.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cirque du Soleil in Business

I attended a business conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where the special guests were performers in Cirque du Soleil. The performance proved that it required a lot of work ethic and determination. I came across an article interviewing Lyn Heward, creative director of Cirque du Soleil. I found her points to be very similar to my business.  

Ideas on Creative Transformation From Cirque du Soleil
1. Work outside of your comfort zone
2. Take risks. Try something different.
3. Use inventiveness & creativity to everyday tasks and problems, as well as to the big exciting projects.
4. Build a nurturing environment which is conducive to productivity, creativity and personal growth.
5. Practice teamwork. True creativity requires stimulation and collaboration. It’s difficult to be creative in isolation.
6. Keep creativity fresh with hard-working bosses who constantly encourage and receive employees’ ideas and feedback and accept that there are often different ways of getting to the same end result.
7. Commit to looking critically at your work or your product from an outside perspective, from the point of view of the consumer. In Cirque’s case, we sit in the house, watch and listen to comments the spectators make during and after the show. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do better and most often we try it!
8. Stay connected with your end product to see if it still fits the demands of the market.
9 Expose your employees to your product: see the show, wear the clothes, drive the car! Encourage their sense of ‘ownership’, cultivate their pride and share your success with them.

Original article by Arupa Tesolin 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Facts of Successful People

1) Work hard/Play hard... No complaining.
Someone who doesn't see obstacles. They can throw things over their shoulder and keep going.
2) Ready to learn!
Someone with a student mentality. Takes notes, asks questions, never thinks they know it all.
3) Networks
Isn't too shy to reach out to others and pick their brain. You can learn so much more from talking to others about their experiences.
4) Never quits
No matter what. The only way you won't be successful is if you quit. If you keep going, you'll hit your goal.
5) Creative
Bring new ideas to the table. Evolve! for best, of course. Don't be afraid to try new things. Success is about trial and error.
6) Take responsibility
Understand that you're responsible for your actions. If you didn't make it happen, that has to do with you. No one else.
7) Keep the right perspective.
Don't get distracted. If you want to hit goal, focus on that goal until you hit it.
8) Live in the moment
Live like there's no tomorrow! Life can change for better or worse, but you need to enjoy it.
9) Looks at the bigger picture
Forget about what happened today. Keep your focus on what you want to achieve in the future.
10) Respond instantly
Be able to think on your feet.

These were just 10 things to keep in mind when planning your success!