Saturday, April 5, 2014

Have a Happier Monday

I recently read an article in Self about how attractive one feels during the week. According to their studies we feel less attractive on Saturdays and Mondays. The reasoning behind these feelings lean towards our mindset of weekday vs. weekend.

Everyone knows that Friday anticipation and the dread of a Sunday evening. Don't we all wish that everyday felt like a Saturday? Here are some pointers on keeping a balanced mood and mindset everyday:

1. Don't push back your sleep and wake up times. That all nighter on Saturday leads to sleeping in on Sunday which leads to going to bed later and waking up exhausted Monday AM.

2. Maintain the same diet and exercise routine. Allow yourself two cheat meals on the weekend instead of a two day binge. Nobody likes to start their week bloated and dehydrated.

3. Wake up at a reasonable time. The most effective way to tackle the work week is not by waking up extremely early on Monday, only to walk around like a zombie for the second half of the work day. Pre-plan your week on Friday so you can walk in feeling confident on Monday.

4. We feel our most attractive on Thursday. Why you ask? Your almost done with the week, you feel accomplished! Why not have everyday feel like that? Do little things for yourself to you reclaim your week. Plan something special for everyday - check out that new place around the corner for lunch, catch a movie with your best friend, get some pampering at a salon.