Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stay Motivated!

One ability that is vital in our business is the ability to be self motivated. As a manager, I can set incentives and bonuses for all types of rewards. I've set challenges to win time off, LED TVs, cash, Wine Tours, and even something as simple as a beer. That's only a temporary boost. You need to be able to still work as hard when there are no extra incentives. What can you do when the reward is strictly your long term growth? Here's how you can stay motivated.

1 Reward yourself. Small victories. Set benchmarks
2 Know what motivates you and act on it-  surround yourself around positivity. One example us music. As humans, we typically listen to sad music when we're feeling down. Why not always listen to music that can keep you productive?
3 Don't let the small stuff affect your opportunity
Albert Einstein once said "Life's like riding a bike. To get balance, just keep it moving."
4 Be unique- be something different and you'll stand out