Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some Life Tips for our Summer 2014 Interns!

It's always a bittersweet time when the summer comes close to an end. At LTG, it's mostly because the interns go back to school! We have a lot of fun with our internship program and we usually end it by awarding a few of the top performers. "I made the most money I ever made. I had the most fun at a job that I ever have" says Cam Kyle, our intern who won "Best Office Presence".

We treat our interns exactly like Full Time employees. They attend the same meetings. They learn the same things. Although it's more heavily sales based, they get a taste of our management development program. All of our top interns became great trainers. Our "Top Intern Award" went to Bryan Weinert, who actually started developing a sales team and became part of our "Core Leader Group", which is group of exceptional leaders. He was recognized in a nation wide sales magazine as "Number 1 Rep in the Verizon FiOs Campaign"... in the entire country! Our intern Dan DeBottis won the award for Most Consistent Intern. He was always on his top game! I'm very proud of our intern's growth and accomplishments.
One really nice thing about our internship program is seeing the growth of an individual! In just a matter of 2-3 months, our interns grow from an average college kid to a business professional. Our winner of the "Most Professional Growth" went to Kevin Black. Our interns, especially Kevin, became more positive, more professional, and more resilient with their goals. Here's some tips that could help our interns, as well as anyone else looking to accomplish something big!

1) Celebrate the small victories. Don't look at your mission you give yourself as a mountain. It's overwhelming. Break it down into sections. Celebrate each step of the way.

2) Create a habit of being resilient. Don't give up on your goals. Know that you're going to do it no matter what. Other people are going to be better, but you can work harder! Hard work beats talent.

3) Don't hold yourself back by comparing yourself to others. Competition is healthy until it affects your mentality in a negative way. If anything, compete with yourself. Make yourself better. Don't worry about anyone else.

4) Set your goals extremely high. Most people work their whole lives and they're satisfied with their life. They're just satisfied with the salary, home, car, and lifestyle. This has probably always been the case. It's only those that look above the average that achieve it. It's only the one's that see what the norm is, and set their goals past it. Don't settle for mediocrity.

5) Don't fear failure. Most people don't shoot higher because they're afraid it'll hurt more if they fall. Well, that may be true. But those who are successful don't care. They bounce back. Most people fear something "different" than what they're used to and never allow themselves to see a new opportunity. They use excuses to explain to other people why they're not doing something, when really the excuses disguise their fear. We see this all the time in our business. Let yourself go! You'll be surprised about what you can accomplish.